Cheapskates Snow Wars Episode XX111


The longest running Local Snowboard Competition in the Ontario!! The event welcomes snowboarders and skiers of all skills. Plenty of prizes available . This years' event will be held at Antoine Mountain on Feb 5th from 11am-3pm. Registration forms are available at Cheapskates. You can also register the day of, between 9am - 10:00am. Cost is $20 plus lift pass. All participants will receive a Snow Wars t-shirt as well as a prize.


AM Mixed Division - 1st - Luc B - 2nd - Nathan G - 3rd - Alex P
Ski Division - 1st - Owen L - 2nd - Spencer W - 3rd - Jacob R
Snowboard Division - 1st Kris L - 2nd - Jordon L - 3rd Josh W

Thanks to all participants...a great comp. and awesome day at Antoine Mountain!





January 13, 2017 by Barry Klus
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