DOB:  July, 16, 1999

Years Skating:  9

Stance- Goofy

Top 3 Ontario Skate Parks:  Huntsville
                            New Liskeard
                            C.J's Toronto

Favorite Music:  3-6 Mafia, Andre Nickatina

Favorite Skaters:  Grant Taylor
                   Jeff Grosso
                   Antwuan Dixon
                   Jim Greco
                   Jon Cos

Favorite Skate Videos:   Baker 3
                         Speed Freaks
                         Flip Sorry
                         The Search for Animal Chin

Favorite Board:  Baker Boys Distribution Decks

Board Size:  8.5

Favorite Trucks:  Independant

Favorite Wheels:  Spitfire

About Skateboarding:  “Basically to me, the lifestyle…I mean, I love it too.
                       I can’t really go a day without it.
                       It’s kind of like my anti-depressant sort of thing, you know…If I don’t skateboard I feel horrible.
                       I take skateboarding more as an art form than a sport…You can choose your own style.
                       I’ve just been gravitated to it since I was a little kid.”