Name: Sean Davis

Age: 37

years skating: 28

stance: regular.

first board: Dominion skates “Firefly” was my first mall board.  Powell & Peralta Tony Hawk mini was my first pro.

Current (preferred) setup: Baker 8.5 deck, Thunder lights 149s, 52-53mm spitfire wheels.

Favourite Parks: 1. Shred Central. RIP. Toronto’s longest running indoor park.
2. Huntsville Ontario
3. Bunkland (Cannington, On)/Uxbridge On.  Tie.  both beautiful parks.

Favourite Skaters: Geoff Rowley, Chris Cole, Mike Vallely, David Gravette, Chopper, Gou Miyagi, Jim Greco, Jeremy Klein,
The Gonz! Jamer Lindsay (RIP brother).

Injuries: Broken left ankle, broken right foot, broken right thumb, sprained both ankles,
sprained both wrists, various bumps, bruises, bonks, and scrapes.

Preferred Terrain: Mini ramp (3′-5′), parks, ledges.  Anywhere I don’t have to deal with the headache of being kicked out.

Best thing about skateboaring: Freedom. The ability to see and use my surroundings differently than others.  Skateboarding
satisfies both my creative and athletic urges – pushing the limits of my abilities and creativity.
As well, through skateboarding I’ve met some of the best people I’ve come across and made strong, long
lasting friendships. Lastly, skateboarding has taught me focus, patience, and perseverance.